The Data
Engine for AI

Covering the entire data management cycle, from data labeling, automating data ops, deploying production pipelines, and weaving the human-in-the-loop.

Accelerating AI across all industries
Specializing in high volumes, high variance and complex data - we help a wide range of AI teams automate their data management

Enterprise-grade data engine

Ensuring highest data standards that serve your entire data organization, allowing cross-functional collaboration while keeping your data access internal

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Custom authentication and role permission enforcement. Using advanced Kubernetes-powered infrastructure for on-premises or private storage deployments

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Full encryption to keep your data constantly safe, compliant with military-grade security standards and certified by comprehensive system audits

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High performance for large volumes of data with 99.9% uptime SLA, providing auto-scaling infrastructure that supports your ever-growing data operations

Powering AI Teams Across The Globe

Helping companies create AI-driven products, from development to large-scale production See it in action >>
70,000+ Pipelines cycles per month
20,000+ Monthly SDK Installs
4000+ Managed Projects
Paul Jacob
Data Quality Program Manager
David Lempert
Head of R&D
Ido Ariav
Deep Learning Lead

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