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About Dataloop 

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Dataloop’s AI Development Platform

In the rapidly accelerating world of AI, Dataloop stands at the forefront, championing the transformative concept of “AI Development for All.” We believe in a future where AI isn’t just a tool for the few but an integral part of every organization, empowering everyone from the ground up—especially the builders and innovators among us, the software developers.

Our story

Founded on the insight that the essence of AI lies in data, Dataloop’s journey began with a clear mission: to make the entire AI development cycle accessible, intuitive, and collaborative for developers, regardless of their expertise in data science, model management or engineering. Our platform is the embodiment of this vision, designed to break down the barriers between data specialists and developers, fostering a data-centric culture that accelerates innovation and creativity.

At Dataloop, we seamlessly integrate data models, applications, and human insights, ensuring that humans are always in the loop to guide AI’s development and application. This holistic approach addresses three critical pain points:

Data complexity

Navigating the vast seas of data can be overwhelming. Our platform simplifies data management, ensuring developers have access to high-quality, relevant data without getting bogged down by its volume or complexity.

Time constraints

In the fast-paced world of AI, time is of the essence. We streamline the AI development process, significantly reducing the time from concept to deployment, enabling businesses to keep pace with market demands and seize opportunities more swiftly.

Manual tasks and labor intensity

Manual data labeling and pipeline construction are labor-intensive and prone to errors. Dataloop automates these tasks, reducing the need for manual labor and minimizing the risk of human error, thereby enhancing efficiency and productivity across the board​​.


Our clients trust us not only for our pioneering technology but also for our understanding of the challenges and opportunities inherent in becoming truly AI-driven. We’re not just a service provider; we’re a partner in innovation, helping businesses transform into AI powerhouses where everyone can contribute to and benefit from the power of AI.

At Dataloop, we’re more than a company; we’re a community of dreamers, builders, and innovators, united in our pursuit to democratize AI development. We invite you to join us in shaping an AI-driven future where every organization can thrive and lead with confidence. Let the builders build, with Dataloop.

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Leadership team


Avi Yashar

Co-Founder & CEO

Nir Buschi

Co-Founder & Chief
Business Officer

Gabriela Koren

Chief Revenue Officer


Koby Molcho

Chief Engineering

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Shlomi Avigdor

VP of Product


Eyal Katz

Chief Finance Officer

Our investors

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Privacy and security

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At Dataloop, privacy and security are our top priorities. We adhere to leading industry standards and are dedicated to ensuring the security of your data with comprehensive governance throughout the entire platform.


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