About Dataloop

Our mission is to develop the tools and methodologies for enabling accurate, efficient and scalable human-machine communication over data.

data ops main

The Data Operating System for AI

Dataloop is a technology company that builds data infrastructure and a data operating system for AI companies. Businesses of every size – from startups to public companies – use our cloud platform to accelerate the development and deployment of AI into production.

The Dataloop platform offers a new data development stack – combining data application extendability sitting atop our platform, and that consists of a full data lifecycle management system for unstructured data. Enabling AI teams to visualize, collaborate and explore datasets, build data pipeline automation processing and weave human and machine intelligence. Our cloud based infrastructure provides scalability, security and reliability.

Leadership Team

The Dataloop leadership team is comprised of passionate visionaries, technologists and seasoned experts committed to building an exceptional company and to powering global AI market leaders.