We Are Dataloop

We weave human and machine intelligence to power vision AI, helping teams advance from development to production faster and scale indefinitely

We supply companies with enterprise-grade deep learning platform for accelerating computer vision processes

Visual recognition technologies offer new opportunities for businesses to grow and expand their offering, with applications ranging from autonomous driving to retail and agtech. 

Deep learning takes computer vision even further, as it is now better than human vision in many scenarios. Yet it is still not widely adopted.

We believe that data is the #1 barrier for adopting this technology, as preparing data for AI is a challenging process – it is expensive, time-consuming, and is done via cumbersome environments.

Dataloop’s platform streamlines the process of preparing visual data for machine and deep learning.

We have developed a one-stop shop for building and deploying powerful computer vision pipelines – from data labeling, to automating data ops, to customizing production pipelines, and back to weaving the human-in-the-loop for data validation. 

These free companies from data challenges, allowing them to focus their resources on their core business. 

Our vision is to make deep learning-based computer vision solutions accessible, affordable and scalable for all.

Our team