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What do you get with the Academic License?

Team up with Dataloop and take full advantage of our academic offering. This offering will help you accelerate your academic research by getting access to Dataloop’s platform. Speed up your AI academic projects by partnering with Dataloop.

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Utilize our suite of annotation tools from item classification to pixel-level semantic segmentation, bounding boxes, polygons, key points, and more for fast, easy, and accurate labeling.

Group 11

Cross team collaboration enables you to manage, distribute, and utilize your data operations in an integrated and seamless fashion that is managed via a single point of access.

Group 20

We’ll provide you with guided support throughout your entire research project, that way you can focus on enriching your research.

Group 11

Task management capabilities that allow you to sort through your datasets, assign work, distribute tasks and monitor & QA performance, all in one place.

Group 10

Supports various formats such as videos, images, as well as audio support.

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