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Announcing Two Exciting Collaborations: Dataloop Partners with Microsoft Azure AI Model as a Service and Azure AI Video Indexer

We are thrilled to announce two significant collaborations with Microsoft that enhance the AI development capabilities of our platform. Dataloop has partnered with Microsoft Azure AI Studio Model as a Service and Azure AI Video Indexer to integrate cutting-edge technologies, empowering developers and businesses to achieve new levels of innovation and efficiency.

Azure AI Studio Partnership: Enhancing Model as a Service Accessibility


We are excited to share that Dataloop has partnered with Microsoft Azure AI Studio to bring Model-as-a-Service (MaaS) directly to our platform. This integration provides Dataloop users with seamless access to Azure AI Studio’s pre-trained and highly capable AI models, enhancing the user experience and streamlining workflows.

Developers can now access, deploy and run state-of-the-art AI models directly within their workflow, enabling faster AI development cycles. The integration offers scalable solutions that adapt to enterprise needs, making advanced AI models more accessible. Leveraging Microsoft’s rigorous standards, the models bring reliability and security to users’ AI implementations. Accessing and deploying these models is straightforward: log into your Dataloop account, navigate to the model marketplace, select the model that best suits your project, and deploy it with just one click.

Azure AI Video Indexer Integration: Revolutionizing Video Content Analysis


In another exciting development, Azure AI Video Indexer is now integrated within the Dataloop AI pipeline and platform. This collaboration brings Azure’s advanced video analytics technology to Dataloop’s robust AI development environment, enabling developers to fully leverage video content for AI-centric projects. With this integration, users can now access pre-built AI features powered by Azure AI Video Indexer directly on Dataloop’s platform.

This integration enhances content moderation, automates complex tasks like object tracking and feature extraction, and streamlines video analysis processes, saving time and resources. For media companies, this means enhanced content moderation and product classification, while smart retail can benefit from improved shelf stock and management capabilities. projects d3d1e891 c730 469b 8468 e2a8d3be4952 marketplace (1)

Watch a live demo of the integration:

About Dataloop and Our Partners at Microsoft Azure:


Dataloop is the leading AI development platform providing comprehensive tools for building, deploying, and managing powerful AI systems. It includes advanced data management, an orchestration layer for RLHF, RAG, and Generative AI data pipelines, along with a robust AI cloud environment and model marketplace. 

Azure AI Video Indexer uses advanced machine learning to extract insights from video and audio files, making unstructured media searchable and analyzable. 

Azure AI Studio, Microsoft’s flagship platform for AI development, offers extensive services and tools, including Models-as-a-Service, to support developers and data scientists in building cutting-edge AI solutions.

Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements as we continue to evolve our platform to meet the needs of developers worldwide.


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