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Dataloop Raises $33 Million To Help Companies Build Data Engines for AI

We are proud and excited to announce our series B funding supported by NGP Capital and Alpha Wave Ventures!

In case you forgot, in our Series A round in 2020, we raised $11M, and Combined with our seed round of $5M we raised previously from Eyal Gura, F2, SEEDIL, Amiti Ventures, Next Leap Ventures, and Iconyc, we raised a total of $50M in funding.

We believe this truly exemplifies our continued growth and expansion throughout the past two years. Though the market has proved to be rough in the last few months, Dataloop AI has surged forward and continued to grow and expand in every facet.

We’ve said it before, and we are proud to say it again, that the future of AI is not about replacing humans but rather about human augmentation. Humans are paramount in the process of assisting AI applications into production, essentially holding up the backend, validating, correcting, monitoring and enhancing the algorithm results. With the help of Dataloop’s data pipelines, large-scale unstructured data and meta-data management, and data applications, the possibility to close the data loop faster and more efficiently, shortening the time to market as well as ensuring high quality AI application, is what Dataloop is all about.

As AI maturity continues to advance, so do we continue to grow and mature at Dataloop. We started out at Dataloop focusing more on AI-annotation services, but today, we encompass the full- life cycle for AI and ML projects building the best data and pipeline management platform. The timing also couldn’t be better as organizations continue to scale, Dataloop is poised to help these organizations truly tackle the challenge of growth and ensure their data quality at the same time.

The Dataloop platform helps businesses of any size to move their AI project into production from start to finish. We are working to break through the limitations of AI development and create efficient workflows, easy-to-use management systems, and accurate annotation tools, so teams of all industries can use them.
eran shlomo
Eran Shlomo
CEO of Dataloop

What should you expect going forward from Dataloop?

Well, as our employees have grown over the past two years at an exceptional rate of 200%, you can expect to see further growth as we expand our Dataloop offices globally, building teams in the US, Europe and India.

Be sure to keep an eye out and follow our progress, as this funding from NGP Capital and Alpha Waves, is going to help us expand as we take our AI data management and pipeline tools globally!

We want to take this opportunity to thank our amazing team that continues to build new products, assisting in bringing real value and a competitive advantage to our customers.

Combined with our continued support from our existing investors and board members, your renewed support helps us continuously develop our next-generation data management and pipeline tools and to make machine-learning systems more accessible, affordable, and scalable for organizations around the world. 

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