Case Study Fighting Toxic Gaming Behavior with AI

Game Over for Gaming Toxicity: Dataloop and iMerit Cutting-Edge AI Solution

Toxic behavior in the gaming world has become a major pain point for gamers, causing many to abandon gaming platforms. In an effort to address the issue of toxic behavior in the gaming world, Dataloop and iMerit partnered with one of the leading gaming publishers in the US to develop a cutting-edge solution. Dataloop and iMerit joined forces with a leading gaming publisher, setting a new standard for quality and safety in gaming experiences and is a game-changer in the fight against toxicity in the gaming industry.

This collaboration involved using AI and human-in-the-loop which integrated human and machine intelligence, increasing iMerit’s efficiency of operations. The tool was designed to meet the complex needs of the gaming publisher and was a critical factor in the overall success of the project. With iMerit’s expertise in gaming community management and custom language model development, and Dataloop’s tooling, the team was able to curate high-quality datasets that accurately reflect the nuances and sensitivities of in-game speech. This allowed the publisher to build a robust in-house speech moderation model and effectively combat toxic behavior.

It’s important to note here that we have to deal with a digital world that is overloaded with data. Much of this data is a result of user-generated content. This can make the process of identifying and categorizing this data quite challenging. Therefore, in order to help maintain a safe gaming environment the combination of AI and human-in-the-loop is crucial for social platforms and gaming publishers alike to reduce the number of people exposed to unsafe and potentially harmful content.

Creating a Safe Gaming Environment

Creating a safe gaming environment is crucial to the success of the industry. This collaboration between Dataloop and iMerit is a game-changer, introducing a highly effective audio tool that can help combat toxicity in the gaming industry by maximizing the use of human and machine intelligence to achieve a high level of quality.

Attributes with Hate speech

The Future of Gaming Experiences

This partnership between Dataloop and iMerit not only helped this gaming publisher effectively combat toxic behavior in the gaming industry with cutting-edge AI solutions, but it also created a new standard of quality and safety for gaming experiences. This has the potential to shape the future of the entire gaming industry. By utilizing human intelligence to address toxicity in gaming, the gaming community has the potential to become a safer and more inclusive space, with improved player experiences and engagement. 

We hope this collaboration sets a precedent for other gaming companies to follow, encouraging them to take action against toxic behavior and prioritize the safety and wellbeing of their players. Not only has Dataloop and iMerit achieved great success in combating toxic behavior but it has also provided the potential to revolutionize the gaming industry as a whole. 

If you’d like to learn more about how Dataloop and iMerit battled toxicity with AI solutions, and how to gain increased efficiency, improved quality, and a safer gaming experience then be sure to read this Case study: Fighting Toxic Gaming Behavior with AI: The Power of iMerit and Dataloop.

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