Dataloop Awarded Tech Innovation Leadership Award by Frost & Sullivan

Dataloop is proud to be recognized by Frost & Sullivan as the recipient of the Technology Innovation Leadership Award for Data Management & Annotation Platform Industry Excellence in Best Practices. This award is given to selected companies for their superior leadership and innovation achievements. We are truly honored to receive this award and are proud to be recognized in the industry for our accomplishments. 

Frost & Sullivan has applauded and recognized the unique way Dataloop offers a revolutionary data management and annotation platform that enables companies to build AI models faster and gain a competitive edge.

Dataloop’s advanced data management, automation pipelines, and annotation platform helps enterprises properly overcome challenges and accelerate computer vision AI models from development accurately by labeling data through automated annotation. 

Dataloop’s Creative and Innovative Capabilities

Frost & Sullivan reports that Dataloop is able to outperform the competition with our efficient and accurate data management and annotation platform. An innovative solution that enterprises small to large scale can easily use to deliver the best AI model.

Data scientists around the world are using Dataloop’s platform to manage unstructured visual datasets. The ability to curate the data and automate annotation allows data scientists to use Dataloop to improve data quality and reduce costs. The platform incorporates integrated self‐supervised deep learning algorithms with pre‐trained data on object tracking to enable automatic annotation before sending the data to human annotators for validation. Automation significantly reduces the workload of human annotators, as they only need to validate the annotations, allowing them to focus their efforts on more complex annotation tasks. Data validation tools embedded in the platform also enable faster communication between data scientists, software developers, and annotators to review and debug issues.

Frost & Sullivan explains that Dataloop is unlike their competitors. With Dataloop,  you can easily merge, clone, and split available data by creating multiple virtual data versions in order to speed up data operations. Dataloop’s cloud-based automation pipelines are able to significantly reduce data processing costs. A no-code back-end software with easy-to-use options that anyone, even non-technical users can clearly navigate. 

The platform’s precise, accurate, and pixel‐perfect annotation tools are essential to improving data quality and making the labeling process easier to accelerate AI model production.

Today, companies like Toyota, Intel, and LinkedIn use Dataloop to slash the time and cost to build high-quality datasets, training models and build fast-paced AI solution. If you’d like to read Frost & Sullivan’s entire report on Dataloop you can check it out here. You can also take a look at some of our cases studies from many well-recognized companies such as LinkedIn, Foresight Automotive, and Standard AI.

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