Fighting Toxic Gaming Behavior with AI: The Power of Dataloop and iMerit

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In the gaming industry, online abuse is a common issue, particularly in multiplayer games where toxic and malicious behavior thrives. In fact, according to a study done by the games company, Unity, almost 72% of multiplayer gamers have witnessed toxic behavior. Trying to moderate user-generated content can be very tricky, especially regarding social platforms for gaming communities. While automated content moderation tools are able to detect toxicity to some extent, many times behavior is missed or the intent of the behavior is not successfully flagged. The answer here is to combat with an effective AI-based in-game content moderation solution that can successfully analyze content. 

Today, if you’re in the gaming industry you’re going to need to turn to AI solutions in order to eradicate toxicity and ensure the safety of your gamers. This is where an AI solution can help you identify inappropriate behavior. With the help of AI tools, gaming companies can move one step closer to helping eliminate this behavior.

Teaming Up For a Safe Gaming Experience

Dataloop and iMerit partnered with one of the largest gaming publishers in the US to address in-game toxicity using AI and human-in-the-loop. Given the huge player base of their most popular game, attracting over 150 million monthly players, improving the existing solution for player safety was a top priority. With iMerit’s expertise in gaming community management and custom language model development and Dataloop’s tooling, the team was able to curate high-quality datasets that accurately reflect the nuances and sensitivities of in-game speech. This allowed the publisher to build a robust in-house speech moderation model. 

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Dataloop Helps iMerit Transcribe Audio with Effiency and Accuracy

Dataloop helped iMerit transcribe 30-minute single-speaker audio files consisting of unsegmented player chats by streamlining the human-in-the-loop workflow. By using time-saving features, the process was made more efficient and helped iMerit’s in-house language experts resolve ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) model errors caused by gaming language nuances. The confidence score for each utterance/speech segment provided improved data reliability and helped the moderation team understand where more time was needed.

To achieve a high level of quality, Dataloop helped iMerit design an architected pipeline workflow that helped the iMerit teams from annotators to experts to wisely use their time and maximize their work efforts. 

Dataloop’s support in designing a streamlined workflow enabled iMerit to optimize their resources, streamlining the efforts of all teams involved, from annotators to experts. The result was a more efficient and effective process for transcribing single-speaker audio files of unsegmented player chats. The integration of human and machine intelligence, combined with real-time feedback, allowed iMerit to improve the accuracy and speed of their data annotation efforts.

Dataloop for Accelerating Data Annotation

Dataloop supported iMerit in delivering quality training datasets for gaming content moderation by providing an optimized data annotation tool. The tool was designed to meet the complex needs of the gaming publisher and was a critical factor in the success of the project. Dataloop combined human and machine intelligence to speed up dataset curation with high accuracy and quick turnaround. 

Dataloop’s audio studio was instrumental in streamlining iMerit’s data annotation processes. The ability to generate annotated recordings with accurate guidelines and reduced labeling time improved the accuracy and speed of iMerit’s curation efforts.

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Dataloop’s human-in-the-loop model validation workflows integrated human and machine intelligence, increasing the efficiency of iMerit’s operations. The automation of pre and post-data processing also allowed iMerit to scale up their annotation efforts while maintaining quality.

In addition, Dataloop provided real-time visibility into the annotation process, giving iMerit a clear understanding of progress. The support for QA and feedback facilitated collaboration between iMerit’s data annotators, managers, and team members, enabling real-time communication and continuous improvement.

Overall, Dataloop was critical to iMerit’s success in data annotation and their partnership highlights the benefits of combining cutting-edge technology with human expertise.

A Game-Changer for a Safer Gaming Experience

We are very proud that this partnership between iMerit and Dataloop has led to the creation of a highly effective audio tool that can be used to help combat toxicity in the gaming world. This successful collaboration combined with the expertise and resources of both companies has resulted in a tool that maximizes the use of human and machine intelligence to help achieve a high level of quality. This ground-breaking result has created the potential to significantly improve the gaming experience for players and the opportunity to make gaming communities safer, more inclusive, and more welcoming spaces.

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"Working with Dataloop audio studio has accelerated our ability to deliver and scale complex ASR validation and NLP projects for our customers."
teresa oneill
Teresa O'Neill
Director of Natural Language Solutions, iMerit
"Partnering with iMerit to combat toxic behavior in gaming is a crucial milestone for us at Dataloop. Our streamlined data annotation tools and human-in-the-loop model validation workflows combined with iMerit's expertise in gaming community management and custom language model development helped us deliver a highly effective AI-powered in-game content moderation solution. We are proud to have played a part in creating a safer and more inclusive gaming experience for players."
jonathan ben ami
Jonathan Ben Ami
Customer Success Manager, Dataloop