Annotation JSON Format
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Annotation JSON Format

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Each entity in our system has a JSON code that represents its data within our system.

Read here about downloading the JSON file of an item’s annotations.

This JSON code includes the entity's data related to our software and its metadata.

Annotation JSON Format Studio

	"annotations": [{
		"id": "61d5f0dfebda8c3885b7eae5",
		"datasetId": "61d5e83f5575066ffd58fcda",
		"type": "box",
		"label": "other",
		"attributes": [],
		"coordinates": [{
				"x": 288.81,
				"y": 845.49,
				"z": 0
				"x": 2221.32,
				"y": 3528.24,
				"z": 0
		"metadata": {
			"system": {
				"status": null,
				"startTime": 0,
				"endTime": 1,
				"frame": 0,
				"endFrame": 1,
				"snapshots_": [],
				"parentId": null,
				"clientId": "ab0eaf4b-4dc5-471c-921f-f8928d54d1a1",
				"automated": false,
				"objectId": "2",
				"isOpen": false,
				"isOnlyLocal": false,
				"attributes": {
					"1": false
				"clientParentId": null,
				"system": false,
				"description": null,
				"itemLinks": [],
				"openAnnotationVersion": "1.29.1-rc.8",
				"recipeId": "61d5e83f71a8721c42b8f02e",
				"taskId": "61d5eb2f3e1b9e55742d498c",
				"assignmentId": "61d5eb2f3e1b9eb7c22d498d"
			"user": {}
		"creator": "",
		"createdAt": "2022-01-05T19:26:23.252Z",
		"updatedBy": "",
		"updatedAt": "2022-01-05T19:26:23.252Z",
		"itemId": "61d5eb9d14b5b8ea83e18037",
		"url": "",
		"item": "",
		"dataset": "",
		"hash": "e8726832771219919976179815544bba59bf15d5",
		"source": "ui"
Key Name Definition Parent Key
annotations List of annotations N/A
id Annotations ID annotations
datasetId Dataset ID annotations
type Annotation type annotations
label The annotation's label/class annotations
  • Annotation 1.0 format – list of annotation attributes
  • Annotation 2.0 format – dictionary of annotation attributes
metadata This key holds all of the annotation information annotations
system This key holds all of the annotation system information metadata
status QA status for annotation system
startTime The start time of the annotation in video items system
endTime The end time of the annotation in video items system
frame The first frame of the annotation in video items system
endFrame The end frame of the annotation in video items system
snapshots_ Snapshot information Relevant for video annotation system
fixed Frame that was changed by a user if true or interpulated if false snapshots_
type Snapshot stype snapshots_
frame Snapshot frame number snapshots_
objectVisible Status of annotation, true = visible and false = hidden snapshots_
data Coordinates of the annotation in each snapshot snapshots_
label Snapshot label snapshots_
attributes Snapshots attributes snapshots_
parentId The ID of parent annotation system
objectId The annotation's Object ID system
automated If the frame is automated system
isOpen For Polygon and Polyline annotation, False = Closed shape (Polygon), True = Open shape (Polyline) system
system True - the system created this specific annotation False - annotation was created on a different way system
description Annotation text description system
openAnnotationVersion product version system
user Metadata that can be added by user via SDK annotations
creator Annotation creator annotations
createdAt Annotation creation date and time annotations
updatedBy Annotation edits by user name annotations
updatedAt Annotation edits date and time annotations
itemId Item/image ID annotations
taskId Task ID of the task the annotation was made in system
assignmentId Assignment ID of the assignment the annotation was made in system
isOnlyLocal A field used in the UI to determine if the annotation is ready to be saved or not (False – ready to be saved) system
url API url for annotation annotations
item API url for image item annotations
dataset API url for dataset system
hash Used to map the item’s data to a string of arbitrary size system
coordinates Annotation position coordinates system
_id Item/image ID N/A
filename Item/image path in the dataset N/A