Image JSON Format
  • 27 Feb 2024
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Image JSON Format

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Article Summary

Each entity in our system has a JSON code that represents its data within our system.

Read here about downloading the JSON file of an item’s annotations.

This JSON code includes the entity's data related to our software and its metadata.

Image JSON Format

	"annotations": [{
		"id": "61d5f0dfebda8c3885b7eae5",
		"datasetId": "61d5e83f5575066ffd58fcda",
		"type": "box",
		"label": "other",
		"attributes": [],
		"coordinates": [{
				"x": 288.81,
				"y": 845.49,
				"z": 0
				"x": 2221.32,
				"y": 3528.24,
				"z": 0
		"metadata": {
			"system": {
				"status": null,
				"startTime": 0,
				"endTime": 1,
				"frame": 0,
				"endFrame": 1,
				"snapshots_": [],
				"parentId": null,
				"clientId": "ab0eaf4b-4dc5-471c-921f-f8928d54d1a1",
				"automated": false,
				"objectId": "2",
				"isOpen": false,
				"isOnlyLocal": false,
				"attributes": {
					"1": false
				"clientParentId": null,
				"system": false,
				"description": null,
				"itemLinks": [],
				"openAnnotationVersion": "1.29.1-rc.8",
				"recipeId": "61d5e83f71a8721c42b8f02e",
				"taskId": "61d5eb2f3e1b9e55742d498c",
				"assignmentId": "61d5eb2f3e1b9eb7c22d498d"
			"user": {}
		"creator": "",
		"createdAt": "2022-01-05T19:26:23.252Z",
		"updatedBy": "",
		"updatedAt": "2022-01-05T19:26:23.252Z",
		"itemId": "61d5eb9d14b5b8ea83e18037",
		"url": "",
		"item": "",
		"dataset": "",
		"hash": "e8726832771219919976179815544bba59bf15d5",
		"source": "ui"

Image JSON Fields Description

Key NameDefinitionParent Key
annotationsList of annotationsN/A
idAnnotations IDannotations
datasetIdDataset IDannotations
typeAnnotation typeannotations
labelThe annotation's label/classannotations
  • Annotation 1.0 format – list of annotation attributes
  • Annotation 2.0 format – dictionary of annotation attributes
metadataThis key holds all of the annotation informationannotations
systemThis key holds all of the annotation system informationmetadata
statusQA status for annotationsystem
startTimeThe start time of the annotation in video itemssystem
endTimeThe end time of the annotation in video itemssystem
frameThe first frame of the annotation in video itemssystem
endFrameThe end frame of the annotation in video itemssystem
snapshots_Snapshot information Relevant for video annotationsystem
fixedFrame that was changed by a user if true or interpulated if falsesnapshots_
typeSnapshot stypesnapshots_
frameSnapshot frame numbersnapshots_
objectVisibleStatus of annotation, true = visible and false = hiddensnapshots_
dataCoordinates of the annotation in each snapshotsnapshots_
labelSnapshot labelsnapshots_
attributesSnapshots attributessnapshots_
parentIdThe ID of parent annotationsystem
objectIdThe annotation's Object IDsystem
automatedIf the frame is automatedsystem
isOpenFor Polygon and Polyline annotation, False = Closed shape (Polygon), True = Open shape (Polyline)system
systemTrue - the system created this specific annotation False - annotation was created on a different waysystem
descriptionAnnotation text descriptionsystem
openAnnotationVersionproduct versionsystem
userMetadata that can be added by user via SDKannotations
creatorAnnotation creatorannotations
createdAtAnnotation creation date and timeannotations
updatedByAnnotation edits by user nameannotations
updatedAtAnnotation edits date and timeannotations
itemIdItem/image IDannotations
taskIdTask ID of the task the annotation was made insystem
assignmentIdAssignment ID of the assignment the annotation was made insystem
isOnlyLocalA field used in the UI to determine if the annotation is ready to be saved or not (False – ready to be saved)system
urlAPI url for annotationannotations
itemAPI url for image itemannotations
datasetAPI url for datasetsystem
hashUsed to map the item’s data to a string of arbitrary sizesystem
coordinatesAnnotation position coordinatessystem
_idItem/image IDN/A
filenameItem/image path in the datasetN/A