API Features
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API Features

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The Dataloop platform offers a RESTful API, HTTP interface that allows developers to perform full code language-agnostic automatic flows.

For additional information about the RESTful APIs, click here

Endpoint & Version

Dataloop API: https://gate.dataloop.ai/api/v1/


You will need a valid JWT in order to authenticate with the API. For production it is recommended to have API Credentials , but for automatic JWT generation, or for testing purposes, you may get your temporary token through our CLI .

Online API Testing

If you are working on the API through our API reference and you are logged in, your token is already in place for testing.

Testing the API locally

If you wish to test the API locally on your machine, do the following:
Use Dataloop's CLI
open the shell/console and login through the browser :

dlp login

Once you are logged in, you may obtain your JWT token through the CLI command:

dlp api info


C:\Users\user>dlp api info
2020-01-06 17:03:07.821841
-- Dataloop info --
environment: https://gate.dataloop.ai/api/v1
user_email: user@dataloop.ai
token: *********your token will be here*********
See "dlp --help" for options

Once you receive your token, you will need to add it as an Authorization header with Bearer prefix, using curl for fetching your projects. It should look like this:

curl -X GET \
  https://gate.dataloop.ai/api/v1/projects \
  -H 'Authorization: Bearer ********************your token********************'

What's Next