Projects CLI
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Projects CLI

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For a full command list go here

Dtlpy Shell

Open the dtlpy shell for an easy way to use the CLI with an auto-complete feature based on simple and intuitive commands.

dlp shell

Create a Project

After installing & logging in to the dtlpy package, start by creating a new Project name - "my project"

projects create --project-name "my project"

dataloop ci.gif

Checkout a Project

By running "checkout" on a project, every action from that point forward will be performed on the given project (this way you won’t need to repeat the project name for each action).

Once you checkout, every action you take will only apply to the specific project you're in
projects checkout --project-name "my project" 


You may checkout a project using the --checkout  flag in the create command:

projects create --project-name "my project" --checkout

Verify Your Checkout State

Use this command to see which project you are in.


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What's Next