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Contributors are the users added to the project

Project Contributors - Organizational Context

Users added to a project can have one of the following organization context:

  1. From the owning Organization, for example an Org-member that is added as developer of owner to 1 or more of the projects owned by the organization. Or they could be ORG-Workers, added as annotators to the project.
  2. Contributors invited to the project and not having any organizational relationship - for example freelance annotators.
  3. Contributors from a service company, typically a labeling-service-provide - an annotation manager added from such labeling organization, will then be able to add to the project contributors (for example annotators) selected from their own organization.

Contributors Roles Hierarchy 

Contributors can be added to the project with one of the following roles:

  • Project Owner: this role has access to all. As a project owner you can create projects, manage datasets, assign contributors, change roles, export data and more...
  • Developer: as a developer, you can manage datasets, set recipes, create tasks and export data within a project.
  • Annotation Manager: as an annotation manager you can create annotations or QA tasks, redistribute and reassign these tasks to annotators, as well as review their tasks.
  • Annotator:  annotators can only work on annotation and QA assignments assigned to them.


Roles Permissions

The permissions granted in the Dataloop platform to the various contributor roles are: 
Action/RoleAnnotatorAnnotation ManagerDeveloperOwner
Create annotationAllowedAllowedAllowedAllowed
Delete annotationAllowedAllowedAllowedAllowed
Edit annotationAllowedAllowedAllowedAllowed
Create a taskForbiddenAllowedAllowedAllowed
Rename a taskForbiddenForbiddenAllowedAllowed
Open an issueForbiddenAllowedAllowedAllowed
Approve an issueForbiddenAllowedAllowedAllowed
Add contributorsForbiddenAllowedAllowedAllowed
Edit contributorsForbiddenAllowedAllowedAllowed
Delete contributorsForbiddenAllowedAllowedAllowed
Changing roleForbiddenAllowedAllowedAllowed
Delete a taskForbiddenOnly the ones he createdAllowedAllowed
Upload an itemForbiddenForbiddenAllowedAllowed
Rename an itemForbiddenForbiddenAllowedAllowed
Delete an itemForbiddenForbiddenAllowedAllowed
Move an ItemForbiddenForbiddenAllowedAllowed
Create a folderForbiddenForbiddenAllowedAllowed
Delete a folderForbiddenForbiddenAllowedAllowed
Rename a folderForbiddenForbiddenAllowedAllowed
Move a folderForbiddenForbiddenAllowedAllowed
Create a datasetForbiddenForbiddenAllowedAllowed
Delete a datasetForbiddenForbiddenAllowedAllowed
Rename a datasetForbiddenForbiddenAllowedAllowed
Edit labelsForbiddenForbiddenAllowedAllowed
Create RecipesForbiddenForbiddenAllowedAllowed
Update RecipesForbiddenForbiddenAllowedAllowed
Delete RecipesForbiddenForbiddenAllowedAllowed
Clone RecipesForbiddenForbiddenAllowedAllowed
Rename a projectForbiddenForbiddenAllowedAllowed
Delete a projectForbiddenForbiddenForbiddenAllowed
Install/uninstall pipelinesForbiddenForbiddenAllowedAllowed
Create pipelinesForbiddenForbiddenAllowedAllowed
Edit pipelinesForbiddenForbiddenAllowedAllowed
View pipelinesForbiddenAllowedAllowedAllowed

Adding New Contributors

To send out Tasks & Assignments , you'll need to add Contributors to your project.

  • Click on "Add new contributors" from the project dashboard, or navigate to the contributors page and click on the same
  • In the popup window, enter the emails of users you'd like to add as contributors, and select the designated project role for them from the dropdown below

You can also import contributors in bulk

  • From the contributors page, click on the "Import" text button
  • Select the "Download template file" to download a CSV in the required format
  • Once your CSV file is ready, select the "Upload file" option

Once added, new contributors will receive an email notification, including a link to the selected project. To access the project, users who are new to the platform must first sign up.

Managing Contributors

From the contributors page, locate the user by scrolling the list or searching it by name/email from the search box

  1. To change their role - Click on the 'Role' dropdown to select the new role you'd like to assign them with
  2. To remove from the project - click on the trash-bin icon that's on the right side
  3. To access contributor's analytics data in this project - click on the analytics icon

Labeling Companies / Service Providers

Collaboration with labeling companies and other service providers is formalized in the Dataloop platform. Furthermore, it is possible to work with multiple labeling companies simultaneously while hedging their work from each other.

Adding a labeling company

To add a labeling company, go to the contributors page and click on "Add labeling company".  In the dialog box that pops up enter:

Name -  Enter the name of the labeling company, as it will be shown in the project

Email - add the email of the first person from the labeling company. This person will be added with "Annotation-manager" project role, related with the labeling company. 

  • If the user does not yet have an account on Dataloop, they'll need to signup first.
  • If the user is part of more than Organization on the dataloop platform, when accepting the project invite and connecting to the Dataloop platform with the project as their active project, their current active-organization will be registered as the labeling-company.

Labeling Company Contributors Management

That first person added as an annotation manager from the labeling company, will be displayed in the context of that company. Their view, and the view of anyone else added later on from that labeling company, is limited to the boundaries of the labeling company. They cannot see and they are not aware of any other users/contributors in the project.

Adding contributors from the labeling company

The annotation-manager, or any other annotation-manager added later on to the labeling-company entity in the project, can add contributors from their organization to this project.

  • As annotation manager in a labeling-company. click on "Add contributors"
  • From the popup window, select contributors from your organization to add them to the project. They can be added only into the labeling-company, and only with Annotators or Annotation-Manager roles
  • Switch to the Groups tab to be able to import a groups of users from your organization. This allows you to make changes to the group in your organization, and these changes will reflect in the project-contributors, as accordingly in any task this group is added as assignees.

What's Next