Download Data
  • 11 May 2023
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Download Data

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Article Summary

As the project progress and annotations are created, it is required to either train models on the platform with the latest data or export them for exploration and training on other platforms.
Annotations are saved as a section on the items' JSON files. To learn more about the JSON structure, read here.

Automatic Data Export

Dataloop allows auto export of data using SDK and Pipeline.

SDK Export

To learn how to download data using the SDK, read this tutorial.

Pipeline Export

A pipeline can include a phase for automatic data and metadata export to a connected location. This can be done as a function (FaaS) to export all data via a remote API or a connected Driver.

Manual Data Export

Dataloop supports manual export of entire dataset and selected dataset or queried items.

Export Entire Dataset

Use either the Project Overview > Data Management widget, or the Data Management > Dataset page to export the data:

  1. Select the dataset from the list.
  2. Click on the Ellipsis (3-dots) icon and select the Download data from the list.
  3. Select if you wish to include the annotations section.
  4. Click Export.

Export selected/queried items

Dataloop allows you to export selected dataset items or queried items. A JSON file will be downloaded in a single ZIP archive file.

To export the dataset items, follow the instructions:

  1. Open the dataset browser by using either the Project Overview > Data Management widget or the Data Management > Dataset page.
    1. To export data for specific files, select one or more items (use CTRL + mouse left-key).
    2. To export all items on the page, click the select all option.
  2. Click Export.
  3. Select the export Scope:
    1. Entire dataset: The ZIP file includes JSON files for all items in the dataset.
    2. Active query: If using a filter/query, select this option to download JSON files only for items in the query result.
    3. Selected items: Select this option to download annotations JSON files only for manually selected items. This option enables the Annotations JSON files option.
      For the Active query and Selected items options, you can optionally add PNG files of semantic segmentation annotations (masks).
  4. Click Export. A ZIP file will be created and downloaded.

Check Include PNG per semantic label to add PNG files of semantic masks to the ZIP. It includes a PNG per mask (label) and a PNG for all masks (labels) combined.

Export in COCO/YOLO/VOC Format

In addition to the Dataloop format, annotations can be exported in industry-standard formats. These are facilitated as functions deployed to the UI Slot of the Dataset-browser.

  • YOLO
  • COCO
  • VOC

Develop a custom converter and deploy it to a UI-Slot anywhere in the platform, or embed it as a Pipeline node. To learn more, contact Dataloop support.

Downloading Data Items

For data-privacy reasons and to protect users from downloading malicious files that may have been uploaded by other users, Dataloop does not provide any means to download data files from the platform.