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A bot is a dummy user that has developer role permissions within a project.
In Dataloop, bots are used to run services. Once a service has been deployed, it will log-in using the bot with which the service was created or the bot will be created automatically. All platform API requests will be made with the bot’s token.
When deploying a service, a random bot will be selected from the project to which the service was deployed, if one doesn't exist, the SDK will create it automatically.
Bots exist for security reasons (e.g you don't want your token to run the code on every Annotator’s click). If a function creates an annotation, the bot will be the creator.


  • A project can have unlimited bots.
  • A service is limited to exactly 1 bot, however, a service's bot can be changed.
  • A bot’s role is "developer" and it functions as a regular user with all its permissions.
  • Bots can be created by the "developer's" role and up.


  • You should not delete a bot as you will need it when creating new services.
    When deleting a bot, services that use it might collapse and executions will fail.
  • If you did delete it, create a new bot, and update the service with it.
    Weakening bots' roles might cause permission issues in Services.

Create a Bot


Use a specific bot for a service

service = package.deploy(
Don't Forget!

Make sure that the bot you provide to the service is a member of the service's project and you belong to the same organization.

When using default bots you should not worry about this warning.