Getting Started Guide
  • 19 Sep 2023
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Getting Started Guide

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Go to website and complete the registration process.

Create/Join an Organization and Add Members

The Organization represents your company, division, or other management entity working on one or more projects.
An organization is created during the onboarding process when you provide the name of your company. If you want to join an existing organization instead of opening a new one, contact an administrator of that organization and ask to be invited to join. Once invited in, you will receive an invitation email and follow the instructions.
As soon as you have your organization set up, you can add members to your organization:

  1. Go to Members & Groups from the left navigation pane.
  2. Click on Invite Member. A popup window is displayed.
  3. Enter the email ID of the member.
  4. Select a permission role from the list. The Owner role is the highest and the Worker role is the least permission member of the organization.

Create/Join a Project

Your first Project is created during the onboarding process as per the context of your task.

  • To join an existing project, request your project-manager to add you as a user.

  • If you are a member of an organization and have the permissions, you can create a new projectand become the project-owner.

Upload Data

Dataloop allows you to upload data into the platform or connect an external cloud storages, such as AWS, GCP, Azure, etc.

To upload data items into the Dataloop platform, follow the instructions:

  1. Create a new dataset by clicking Create Dataset on the Project Overview page.
  2. Once you create the Dataset, click the Upload icon to upload the data file or folder.

To connect your Cloud storage to Dataloop for syncing items from the bucket to a dataset, see the Cloud Storage Setup Process topic.

  1. Integration - Create an integration (secret) to allow connectivity to the cloud provider.
  2. Driver - Create a Driver to connect the storage bucket (and optionally a specific folder).
  3. Dataset - Create a dataset and connect it with the driver, and your items will sync into the Dataset. Setup Downstream and Upstream sync to maintain consistency, if needed.

Setup Taxonomy - Labels & Attributes

To label your data, ensure you add labels from your taxonomy to the Dataset's default recipe.

  1. Click on the Recipe icon from the left-side panel.
  2. Add labels in the Labels & Attributes tab and press Enter or click the + icon. To create labels hierarchy, use the dot "." separator.
  3. If required, add attribute sections and map them to labels.
  4. Save the recipe and return to the Project overview page.

Create an Annotation Task

Refer to the Create an Annotation Task topic.

Create a QA/QC task

Refer to the Create a QA Task topic.

Automation - Create a Service (FaaS)

Follow this tutorial to:

  1. Prepare the codebase.
  2. Push the package to Dataloop.
  3. Deploy a service.
  4. Set up an event-based trigger.
  5. Optionally, deploy the function to a UI-Slot, so you can invoke it with the selected item(s).