What are Items?
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What are Items?

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The basic way to look at items are files

The Dataloop platform supports Items, Annotation and a Metadata layer.


The best way to look at items in the Dataloop platform are annotated files that comes with some extra capabilities:

  • Items and Annotations have Metadata attached to them
  • Items are essentially pointers to binary storage
  • Item have a collection of Annotations attached to them
  • Item and Annotations are searchable, including custom metadata properties

Dataloop handles items in the same manner as OS handle files; in other words, different item types are being displayed using the appropriate (data) application where the default viewers already support:

  • Image files
  • Video files
  • Audio files
  • Text/Code files
  • Shebang Items like Similarity.

Supported Formats

For Images:- 'jpeg', 'jpg', 'png', 'webp', 'tiff', 'tif', 'bmp', 'jfif'
For Videos:- 'mp4', 'mkv', 'webm', 'avi'
For Audio:- 'mp3', 'ogg', 'wav'
JSON files like in annotations and items are also supported.

JSON Code For Items

Each entity in our system has a JSON code that represents its data within our system.
It includes the entity's data related to our software and its metadata.


JSON is a minimal text-based data exchange format that is used primarily to transmit data between a server and web application

To learn more about JSON click here.

    "id": "5da6beb96376a7ab3b516e5b",                   (Image ID)
    "datasetId": "5c90ded0cb6f61001c22592b",            (Dataset ID)
    "createdAt": "2019-10-16T06:54:49.000Z",            (Image uploaded time and date)
    "dir": "/folder_count/without",                     (Image location directory in dataset)
    "filename": "/folder_count/without/akona40.jpg",    (Image full path)
    "type": "file",                                     (Item type)
    "hidden": false,                                    (System property)
    "metadata": {
        "system": {
            "originalname": "akona40.jpg",              (Original image name when created)
            "size": 224827,                             (Image size in bytes)
            "encoding": "7bit",                         (encoding)
            "mimetype": "image/jpeg",                   (Media type)
            "tasks": [
                "image-exif:5cb70604fd36a9001a76eb30:3" (system image exif task)
            "exif": {
                "Orientation": 1                        (exif information)
            "height": 768,                              (Image resolution)
            "width": 1024                               (Image resolution)
        "description": {
            "editor": "[email protected]",            (User that inserted the Textual description)
            "text": "This is an image of a car"         (Textual image description inserted by user)
    "name": "akona40.jpg",                              (Most updated image name)
    "url": "https://gate.dataloop.ai/api/v1/items/5da6beb96376a7ab3b516e5b",            (API URL for image)
    "dataset": "https://gate.dataloop.ai/api/v1/datasets/5c90ded0cb6f61001c22592b",     (API URL for dataset)
    "annotated": true,                                                                  (Image annotation status, True = With at least one annotation)
    "stream": "https://gate.dataloop.ai/api/v1/items/5da6beb96376a7ab3b516e5b/stream",  (API URL for image display)
    "thumbnail": "https://gate.dataloop.ai/api/v1/items/5da6beb96376a7ab3b516e5b/thumbnail",    (API URL for image thumbnail)
    "annotations": "https://gate.dataloop.ai/api/v1/items/5da6beb96376a7ab3b516e5b/annotations" (API URL for image annotation)
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