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The Dataloop notification system allows you to stay informed of issues and alerts related to FaaS and pipeline activity in all your projects at once.

When you are connected to Dataloop, you will actively recieve notifications from your active project as well as from all the projects in your active organization where you have developer/owner permissions.

You can easily access recent notifications via the bell icon on the top-right corner of the platform. When new notifications are available, a counter will appear on top of the bell icon (your inbox).



To be able to subscribe to the notification system, you must have one of the following role permissions within the scope of your projects:

  • Project Owner
  • Developer

*For more information about these roles, see Contributors page.

When the system triggers an alert, a notification is sent to its subscribers. You can manage your notification subscription at any time. By default, all permitted users are subscribed.

Notification Types

The notification system supports the following FaaS/Pipeline alert types:

Error Name Sub Error Entity Details System Alert? *
CrashLoopBackOf Service Codebase Error Service Read more -
Service Requirements Error Service - -
Service Init Function Error Service - -
Service Authorization Error Service - -
Service Internal Error Service - -
ImagePullBackOff Service Restarts: Docker Image Pull Error Service - -
Service Restarts: Unschedulable Service - -
Service Restarts: OOM Killed Service - -
Service Execution Failed Service - -
Pipeline Cycle Failed Pipeline - -
Service Forced Deactivation Service Read more True

*System notifications cannot be disabled.

Notifications Digest

To prevent overloading, the notification system groups the displayed notification based on error type and entity ID.

Manage your notification settings

Any project owner or developer is automatically subscribed to inbox notification in his projects. To unsubscribe from the notification service across All your projects:

  1. In the platform header, tap your Profile Avatar.

  1. To view your personal settings, tap 'Settings'.

  1. Go to the 'Notifications' section and use the toggle to enable/disable the web notifications. Please note, Dataloop system notifications cannot be disabled.

We are working on enabling full control over your projects.

Notification Retention

Notifications are retained by Dataloop Platform for a maximum of 90 days.

What's Next