Projects setup
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Projects setup

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A project is a high-level organizational entity that defines and contains a scope of work and includes entities, such as Datasets, Recipes, Workflows, Contributors, FaaS, etc. It provides a centralized location for managing data, tasks, and annotations related to a specific work context of ML/AI development. It improves collaboration between team members, consistency of data and annotations, and tracking of progress and results

  • Dataset - Stores the actual data items. A Dataset can store data items of different formats simultaneously, but dedicating a dataset by context is best practice. Datasets can be versioned by cloning and merging them.

  • Recipe - dataset has a default ontology to store labels and attributes and is contained in a Recipe, adding labeling instructions and settings.

  • Workflow - Labeling is formalized within a project by creating a labeling task for an entire dataset or specific items. Items completed by annotators (‘Completed’ is their actual status) can then be assigned to a ‘QA Task’, to be ‘Approved’. If mistakes are found, an ‘Issue’ is assigned to an annotation, sending it back to the original annotator for fixing. Fixed annotation is assigned ‘for review’, and if it's OK, it is ‘Approved’.

  • Contributors - Users added to the project. These could be from the organization owning the project, for higher-level roles, or from other organizations (or no organization at all). A project has 1 or more ‘Project owners’, and also ‘Developers’. The project owner can add ‘Annotation managers’, which manage the daily work of all ‘Annotators’.

  • FaaS - functions and services can be deployed to execute automatic processes over any entity of the Dataloop system, including data items, annotations, tasks, datasets, and projects.

Create a Project

If you do not have any project, you'll see the message suggesting to create one. 


If you already have a project, use the breadcrumbs project-navigator from the header to create a new project

  • Locate the project-navigator at the page header
  • Click on the project name to show the dropdown
  • Click on the "Add Project" button
  • In the popup window tha will show, enter the name of the new project you would like to create and press "Confirm"

Change an Existing Project's Organization

In the projects view, click the 3 dots on the top right of your project and click "Set under organization's account".
set org project.png

Project Actions

In the project dashboard, click "Project Actions" to rename, delete, copy the project ID or set the project organization.

What's Next