SDK Register and Update
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SDK Register and Update

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For a Web logging in go to Web Register page.

For a Rest API logging in go to Rest API Register page.

1. Install Python

❗️ Requirements

Python needs to be installed on your system using this official website.
The SDK supports python version 3.5.4 til 3.8.

2. Install the dtlpy package

You only need to install the package once

A. Enter the Command Line

πŸ“˜ For additional information about the command-line shell click here


Click Windows+R (To launch Windows "Run"), input "cmd" and click "Enter" (to launch the Windows command line).


Go to Applications β†’ Utilities β†’ Terminal.


Applications β†’ Accessories β†’ Terminal, or Applications β†’ System β†’ Terminal, depending on your system.

B. Install Using pip

Install the plugin using pip, write the following command and click "enter":

🚧 Please be sure that you have pip installed on your computer. If not please download pip You can check if you have pip installed on your computer, by using: pip help. If PIP responds, then PIP is installed. Otherwise, there will be an error message saying the program could not be found.

pip install dtlpy

Alternatively, install it from the source by cloning the GitHub repo run:

python install

Optional: Virtualenv

You can install the Virtualenv tool using pip that lets you create an isolated Python environment for your project.

πŸ“˜ This is not mandatory.

pip install virtualenv

Optional: Set "Dataloop Directory" for Cookie Location

If needed, you can set the Dataloop path by setting an environment variable DATALOOP_PATH.
It is for users who do not have access to the default location cookie ”~/.dataloop”.

πŸ“˜ This is not mandatory.

  1. Windows
  2. Linux
  3. Python
import os
os.environ["DATALOOP_PATH"] = "/tmp"

3. Log in to the platform

πŸ“˜ Use Machine to Machine Login for long-running SDK jobs that require API authentication

For logging in, type the command below :

  1. Shell
  2. Python
dlp login
import dtlpy as dl

🚧 Notice that the login Token expire after 24 hours

Once your browser opens the Login  screen, type the credentials below or login with Google
Password: [your password]

Please wait for the "Login Successful" tab to appear, then close the tab.

Upgrade the dtlpy Package

If you wish to upgrade an already installed dtlpy:

pip install dtlpy --upgrade
🚧 Important

Both the package for which you are referencing, and any dependencies must be installed

Set dtlpy logging level

Set your dtlpy logging level to be displayed. The default value is a warning.
To understand more about Python logging levels please click here.

#All supported levels
#For example, set INFO level  :
dl.verbose.logging_level = dl.VERBOSE_LOGGING_LEVEL_INFO
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