Task Assignments and Reassignments
  • 16 May 2023
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Task Assignments and Reassignments

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Article Summary

When an annotator logs into the Dataloop platform, their initial screen is the assignment page, where all their assignments in the project are listed.
Annotators can then double-click an assignment to begin work, as this will open the relevant annotation studio with the next item to work on.

Assignment Progress

Task managers track and review assignment progress.

  1. From the Workflow->Assignments menu, Project Assignments lists all the assignments in the project with their progress and allows filtering by specific assignees to review and control their workload.


  1. From the tasks page, double-click a task to view the task assignment.
  2. Track your task process in one of these two ways:
    1. View the discarded items from the dataset browser.
    2. Open the assignment analytics page (from task assignments).
  3. Review discarded and completed items by browsing a task and filtering accordingly.

Reassigning tasks

When a task is active, changes in the workforce can occur, and then use this option to reassign an assignment from one annotator to the other.

Distribution Task Reassignment

Changes in team structure when using distribution based tasks use the reassignment and redistribution actions. For example, if an assignee leaves the project and work needs to be reassigned to someone else.

Task Reassignment


To reassign a task, follow the instructions. Ensure you have the Annotation Manager role.

  1. Open Workflows > Tasks page from the left portal menu.
  2. Identify the task and click on Ellipsis icon.
  3. Click Edit task
  4. Select a different owner from the list, and select the last section Quality from the left-side menu.
  5. Click Save.

Reassigning an Assignment

Enter the Assignment Of Tasks page by double clicking on the task.


To reassign an assignment:

  1. Open Workflows > Tasks page from the left portal menu.
  2. Double-click on the task and click on Ellipsis icon.
  3. Click Reassign.
  4. If needed, check Show contributors from all domains to select an owner from an external workforce of a different domain.
  5. Select a contributor from the list.
  6. Click Reassign.

Assignment Redistribution

To remove a specific assignment and have its items distributed among active assignees. For example, if an assignee leaves the project:


  1. Open the Workflows > Tasks page from the left portal menu.
  2. Double-click on the task and click on the Ellipsis icon.
  3. Click Redistribute.
  4. If needed, check the Only redistribute items with no annotations option to keep work already started in its original assignment and let the assignee finish it. Otherwise, all items not in “Completed” status (annotated or not) will be redistributed.
  5. Check the following options, if needed:
    1. Auto disperse
    2. Only unassigned annotators
    3. Show contributors from all domains.
  6. Select the assignee(s) for the assignment or click Add all contributors to add all the contributors from the project contributors list.
  7. Click Redistribute.