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Create precise, accurate and pixel perfect annotations that are key to quality data, using a cutting edge toolset. 

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Hyper-Extendable Annotation Studio

annotation studio

High performance data annotation platform 

data Quality

Quality first workflows for data validation embedded into the annotation process.

video annotation

Native video labeling tools that ensure more productive, efficient and accurate results.

LiDAR annotation

High performance LiDAR and sensor fusion annotation toolset for AV and ADAS datasets.


Boost the manual labeling process with AI-powered automation tools.


Integrate your ML models for pre-labeling data and increase your labeling efficiency.

workforce management

Support internal and external labeling teams with a suite of task and assignment tools.

Platform features

Annotation Tools

Utilize our host of human-operated tools and plugins, from item classification to pixel-level semantic segmentation, running on all prevalent types of visual media – images, videos and more

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Auto Annotation

Automatic Annotation

Integrate deep learning models, pre-trained classes and smart trackers to run automatic annotations on items before they reach human annotators. Annotators then only fix or validate labeled data, instead of working from scratch

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Video Annotation

Choose from our full suite of features for more efficient and accurate video annotations, including advanced video interpolation, scene classification, smart object tracking, object identification and parenting, occlusion and more

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Video annotation
workforce management

Workforce Management

Get full transparency into your workforce processes, labor performance, annotation insights, cost usage and reporting, all in real-time and designated per every user

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Data QA & Verification

Use quality and validation tools that are embedded into the annotation process, enabling direct communication between your data managers, engineers, and annotators. Assign feedback and tasks using our “data bug” dialog tool, annotations issue tracking and item review

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Data QA Verification

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Manage, collaborate, distribute and utilize your data operations, all integrated seamlessly and managed via single point of access.

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Build custom automation pipelines within our serverless environment, to reach production faster and scale indefinitely.

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