Define and sort your data with a single click

Classification features

Image classification

Describe the contents of each image with a single or multiple labels, combined with auto-switching technology for rapid labeling


Video scene classification

Classify individual frames, selected scenes or entire clips, using our intuitive start-time and end-time locators

Similarity analysis

Identify similarities, duplication and patterns in your entire dataset via our modular multi-image display


Our expert advice

After working on thousands of datasets, we’ve come to identify some special tips for labeling with classifications:

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Need for speed

Quickly swipe through entire datasets with our auto-switch classification tool

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High volumes

Divide your datasets into groups, then design different workflows for every class

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Keep garbage out

Reduce "garbage" data to a minimum by discarding and filtering out all unnecessary items

Powering vision AI across industries


Supporting applications that classify actions of customers in cashierless stores, compare selected brands during purchase, on shelves and in stock and more

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Drones & Aerial Imagery

Helping ML teams classify equipment faults during visual inspections, find similarities between minerals in mines, alert of unsafe behavior in construction sites, etc.

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Enabling robots to classify defects in manufactured components, identify differences and similarities between items on assembly lines, compare users of electronic goods and more

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Autonomous Vehicles

Powering models that classify unsafe driving behavior, define degrees of vehicle damages for insurance claims, compare license plate numbers, etc.

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Precision Agriculture

Advancing vision applications that define plant diseases, identify changes in produce health, and classify fruits and vegetables by stage of harvesting

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Media & Content

Helping teams classify defense and offense moves in sports, compare brands online and in stores, or alert of harmful behaviors in social media posts

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