Detect, identify and define objects in your dataset without a hassle

Detection features

Bounding Box

Define an object’s size, position, class, identity and hierarchy – all using a simple click and drag



Whether an object is round, rectangular or oddly shaped, surround it tightly with dynamic vertices or convert it into a full, pixel-level semantic layer



For marking road lanes, court dimensions in sports, or any other figures with lines – straight or curved


Detection highlights We are proud to share our set of exceptional object detection controls and features, designed specifically for more scalable and accurate workflows:

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Complex Ontologies

Create your own labeling language, using unlimited hierarchies of classes and sub-classes

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Object Attributes

For any objects that require extra characteristics or dynamic descriptions, such as status, position, grouping, etc.

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Object IDs

Track objects with unique numbers in a sequence, or use repetitive numbers for members of a group

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Create hierarchies between objects to highlight internal relationships, ownership, parts of a whole, contexts and more

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Free text

Type in descriptions of names, addresses, license plate numbers, comments - without any restrictions

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Class switching

Select and replace annotation labels with one click, or search listed labels using our auto-complete search bar

Powering vision AI across industries


Supporting applications that detect customers in cashierless stores, highlight missing or misplaced products on store shelves, identify values of selected brands and more

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Drones & Aerial Imagery

Helping ML teams detect equipment defects during visual inspections, identify and track suspects seen in surveillance systems, alert of missing safety equipment, etc.

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Enabling robots to find and trace packages in supply chains, detect defects in manufactured components, identify users of consumer electronics and navigate personal assistants

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Autonomous Vehicles

Powering models that identify vehicles, pedestrians, street signs, traffic lights, bicycles, passengers – anything inside the vehicle or around it.

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Precision Agriculture

Advancing vision applications that detect weeds, insects, or diseases that hinder crop yield, identify livestock and aquatic organisms for monitoring growth

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Media & Content

Helping teams analyze location and movement of sports players in courts, identify selected brands for recommendations in e-commerce, alert of harmful objects in social media posts, etc.

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