Key Points

Point out parts, groups or sets of objects more productively 

Our expert advice

After working on thousands of datasets, we’ve come to identify some special tips for when labeling with Key Points:

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Need for speed

When labeling many parts of a whole, navigating between labels becomes timely. Use our auto-switch mode to automatically change labels with every point added

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Establish connections

Scattering dozens of key points can easily become confusing. Assign parenting between points to highlight internal relationships, grouping, contexts, etc

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Hidden from view

Certain human postures naturally involve hiding some limbs behind others. With our annotation attributes, you may easily mark visible and occluded body parts

Powering vision AI across industries


Supporting applications that analyze customers’ posture in cashierless stores, locate items’ position on shelves, recognize customers’ facial features and more

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Drones & Aerial Imagery

Helping ML teams locate ground control points in mapping, pinpoint selected crops in farming fields, identify facial features of suspects seen in surveillance systems, etc.

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Enabling robots to find and trace packages in supply chains, capture the posture of robotic arms, recognize facial features of consumers of electronic goods and navigate personal assistance robots

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Autonomous Vehicles

Powering models that identify skeleton structure and location of cars, trucks, and other vehicles, as well as recognize facial features of passengers for monitoring theft and drowsiness

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Precision Agriculture

Advancing vision applications that locate and measure weeds, insects, or disease in crops, identify growth of livestock and aquatic organisms or monitor their physical postures

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Media & Content

Helping teams analyze the posture of sports players during key plays, locate players’ positions on a sports court, recognize facial features of public figures in social media, etc.

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