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Automatic Annotations

Boost manual annotation processes with automation tools and active learning

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Automation features

AI annotation assistant

Accelerate the annotation process with our set of AI-powered magic tools, which automatically convert 4 single points into multi-vertices polygons


Annotation Assistant
Model Predictions

Model predictions

Run your models on datasets to generate annotation predictions. Pre-labeled items then get audited by annotators, increasing productivity significantly. 


Annotation conversion

Swiftly switch between labeling tools and methods, reaching output faster with less clicks per object. For example, convert a simple polygon into a full semantic mask, instead of annotating pixel by pixel

Annotation Conversion
Smart Object tracking

Smart object tracking

With our optical flow and smart tracking models, automatically duplicate annotations between video frames and sequenced images, to detect and follow unlimited objects


Automation highlights We are proud to share our set of exceptional tools and features, designed for more scalable and accurate data preparation workflows. For example, our deep learning model integration feature, offering:

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Object detection and labeling performed automatically, reducing manual work to minimal editing

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Model validation

Run model predictions on raw data to visualize detection accuracy, and see exactly where your models needs more training

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Framework compatibility

Supporting a variety of model development frameworks, including Keras, Tensorflow, Pytorch, and more

Powering vision AI across industries


Supporting faster iterations for vision applications in retail, using models for object detection, classification and tracking in cashierless stores, inventories, waste management facilities and more

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Drones & Aerial Imagery

Helping teams in the remote sensing space expedite the transition of complex aerial data into automated insights, with applications ranging from visual inspections and object tracking to safety monitoring

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Supplying programmers with automation tools to develop, train and deploy machine vision models that serve any specified task – from manufacturing quality control to human-machine interactions

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Autonomous Vehicles

Accelerating automated recognition of all items and events inside and around a vehicle- from object detection and tracking to sensor fusion, driving assistance, passenger monitoring, etc.

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Precision Agriculture

Providing validated ground truth for vision applications in agtech, leading to enhanced crop yield, quality and consistency, while requiring less waste and manual intervention

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Media & Content

Expediting data preparation processes for visual recognition in sports analytics, e-commerce, content moderation, visual searches and more

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