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Data QA & Verification

Real-time feedback and data validation, embedded into the annotation process

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QA & Verification features

Issue tracking

Review annotations and flag errors right as they occur, then create QA workflows and assign tasks to ensure data validation. All “open issues” and items for review are displayed in a live dashboard


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Labeling consensus

Labeling consensus

Confirm data accuracy by assigning similar tasks to multiple annotators, then compare outputs to check for validity and continuity


Data bugs

Create a direct communication channel between managers and annotators, who can comment on missing annotations and inaccuracies in real-time. Added like any other annotation tool


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Our expert advice Having worked with millions of data items, we are well aware of the negative outcomes of using improper data. Here are our reasons for performing comprehensive data quality checks throughout the data preparation process:

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Garbage in Garbage out

Poor data leads to poor ML models with poor accuracy rates. Proper QA is the first step of building powerful computer vision applications

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Reach production faster

High quality data reduces the volumes of the dataset required in order to reach top model accuracy, saving significant labeling resources

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Continuous model improvement

Models must be constantly fed with accurate data to keep and increase their confidence level. Our continuous learning enriches deployed models with every batch

Powering vision AI across industries


Providing actionable insights to annotation QA managers in retail, serving cashierless stores, shelf management systems, product recommendation and recycling segmentation applications

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Drones & Aerial Imagery

Helping remote sensing ML teams identify and fix errors in their datasets immediately upon creation, leading to higher accuracy in visual inspections, object tracking, land surveying, safety monitoring, etc.

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Supplying robotics teams with validated datasets for machine vision development, training and deployment, enabling both domestic and industrial systems to perform any task at hand

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Autonomous Vehicles

Making sure that all objects inside and around a vehicle are labeled with pixel-level accuracy, to ensure that autonomous driving applications reach production with life-saving reliability

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Precision Agriculture

Advancing practices in farming and raising livestock, by ensuring expert-level accuracy in vision applications that increase crop yield, quality and consistency with minimal waste

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Media & Content

Enabling developers of sports analysis, content moderation, or image enhancement applications reach production faster, by ensuring that only top-quality data gets used in development

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Build custom automation pipelines within our serverless environment, to reach production faster and scale indefinitely.

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