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Integrated Labeling Services

Dataloop’s fully managed human-in-the-loop annotation workforce

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Data annotation as a service Support your internal annotation team during peak workloads, or order per-project labeling services on-demand. Our workforce network is exclusively composed of vetted, globally distributed labeling providers, available for scaling quickly

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Turnkey solution

Taking care of the entire labeling process, including annotation team training, task assignment, data QA and validation

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Scale / Switch capacity

Adding, removing or changing annotation providers is available upon request, allowing you to scale or save when needed

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Vetted top providers

All labeling vendors are vetted based on pricing, productivity matrices, domain expertise and workplace ethics

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Data privacy

All providers abide by data privacy and non-disclosure agreements, ensuring your data remains secure and private

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Skilled, Trained, Expert

Supporting projects that require content specialization, extra training and on-site workshops

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Global Distribution

Working with a global network of annotation providers, from far East to West, with labeling performed around the clock

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