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Video Annotation

Designed for more efficient and productive video labeling

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Video features

Scene classification

Classify individual frames, selected scenes or entire clips, using our intuitive start-time and end-time locators. A single or multiple choice of labels is available per each classification

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Object tracking

Object tracking

With our linear interpolation and smart tracking models, you can automatically duplicate annotations between video frames and sequenced images, making multiple object tracking extra easy

Hidden objects

Avoid creating new annotations every time an object re-appears on screen, leading to duplication and discontinuity. Instead, apply our occlusion setting to hide occluded annotations only in specified frames


Hidden object

Video highlights We are proud to share our set of exceptional tools and features, designed for more scalable and accurate data preparation workflows. For example, our ready-made video control features, containing:

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Frame-by-Frame navigation

Easily navigate videos using adjustable speeds - skipping one frame, multiple frames, or pressing play and pause.

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Live class Switching

Mark continuous changes in the status, position, or characteristics of a tracked object throughout the video, using one-click for label and attribute switching.

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Ids & Parenting

Distinguish tracked objects by assigning both unique and repetitive numerical IDs. Highlight internal relationships and grouping by applying cross-object parenting

Powering vision AI across industries


Supporting applications that classify and track actions of customers in stores, such as selecting products from shelves and placing in baskets, returning items to shelf, attempting theft, etc.

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Drones & Aerial Imagery

Helping ML teams detect and track suspects in surveillance videos, visually follow and manage fleets of logistics vehicles on site, or capture and analyze unsafe behaviors 

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Enabling robots to navigate around stationary and moving objects, run video inspections on assembly lines, track and trace packages in warehouses and more

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Autonomous Vehicles

Powering models that capture unsafe driving behavior, track pedestrians and vehicles in traffic, or monitor passenger conditions

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Precision Agriculture

Advancing vision applications that track plant growth, enable navigation of autonomous harvesting machines, monitor movement of livestock, etc.

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Media & Content

Helping teams track and analyze sports plays, identify violence or sexual content in social media posts, enhance video content for advertising and more

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