Data management platform for unstructured data

A single and secure visualization layer for all your unstructured data allowing you to better understand it.

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Modern Data Management Platform for AI

A modern data management system designed for unstructured data such as images, videos, LiDAR, audio and text that quickly and securely allows to explore, search, sort and query your data by item info, label and metadata and to create and visualize datasets.

data management

cloud Storage sync

Integrate your cloud storage (AWS, GCP, Azure) with a single step. No migration, duplication or cloning of data.

Metadata search

Filter and search items by customised metadata that can be added to any entity.

dataset versioning

Manage datasets like you manage code. Merge, clone and split datasets by creating virtual data versions.

query language

Navigate through massive amounts of data with a flexible Query Language (DQL).

information extraction

Understand your data by visulizing clusters and outliers according to feature vectors.

data type agnostic

Manage unstructured data such as images, videos, LiDAR, audio and text with a single system.

Product features

Data Management Tools

Search, edit and query data by item info, metadata, annotation status and much more. Sort and filter your datasets, then automatically distribute items for annotation and QA 

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Data management
Build Custom Pipelines 2

Dataloop API

Publicly accessible Rest API for Machine-to-Machine integrations, enabling bulk data uploads, direct communication with your data sources, and production-grade inference

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Dataloop SDK

Python SDK for full flexibility in building your custom data pipelines, including model training, active learning, model integration and any other automation function or logic

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storage management

Storage Management

Seamlessly integrate your cloud storage with our platform, to directly display, query and access your data via our serverless infrastructure

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Analytics Dashboards

Receive real-time insights into annotation progress, workforce productivity, time spent per item or annotation, labeling outcomes, performance, cost usage, reporting and more 

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An end-to-end cloud-based annotation platform, with embedded tools and automations for producing high-quality datasets more efficiently.

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Build custom automation pipelines within our serverless environment, to reach production faster and scale indefinitely.

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