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Sensor Fusion

Capture more of your world by blending multiple sources of data into one view

Sensor fusion highlights

Sensor fusion allows you to combine input from multiple sensors to receive more precise and comprehensive understanding of object location, direction and surroundings. Our platform supports and aggregates the growing variety of visual data being used today, including:

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IR & Thermal imaging

Labeling is supported on all image and video formats that are displayable by browser, enabling annotations on most forms of frame-rate, bit-rate, and media types, including greyscale, thermal and standard RGB compositions

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Apply annotations to multiple items or different media types in one action. Made for handling time-sensitive data like video scenes and sequenced frames, or multi-layered media such as medical scans and geospatial imagery

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3D & LiDAR

Use our dedicated point-cloud annotations for multi-dimensional analysis of objects in a given space, enabling you to measure the distance, depth, position and surroundings of each annotated object [coming soon]

Powering vision AI across industries


Supporting applications that combine visual data with RFID scanners, RF tags, and serialized item history for tracking inventory products, identifying potential shoplifting behavior and more

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Drones & Aerial Imagery

Helping operators achieve better UAV navigation, localization and situational awareness, by fusing visual data with IR sensors, motion trackers, multi-spectral payloads, etc.

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Advancing robotic perception, motion control, navigation and localization systems, using multi-sensor data for higher precision in object detection and collision avoidance

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Autonomous Vehicles

Combining data from multi-angle videos and synced cameras, LiDAR systems and IR sensors to get a unified and comprehensive understanding of a vehicle’s location, surroundings, and physical state

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Precision Agriculture

Supporting the integration of optical, mechanical and thermal data for crop sensing, soil monitoring, harvesting and farming equipment handling, livestock health and growth monitoring, etc.

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Media & Content

Serving applications that monitor athletes’ health and performance, by fusing visual data with physical monitors, localization sensors, wearable motion trackers, medical records and more

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Annotation platform


An end-to-end cloud-based annotation platform, with embedded tools and automations for producing high-quality datasets more efficiently.

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Dataloop Design


Build custom automation pipelines within our serverless environment, to reach production faster and scale indefinitely.

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Enterprise-grade data engine

Ensuring highest data standards that serve your entire data organization, allowing cross-functional collaboration while keeping your data access internal

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Custom authentication and role permission enforcement. Using advanced Kubernetes-powered infrastructure for on-premises or private storage deployments

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Full encryption to keep your data constantly safe, compliant with military-grade security standards and certified by comprehensive system audits

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High performance for large volumes of data with 99.9% uptime SLA, providing auto-scaling infrastructure that supports your ever-growing data operations

Yishaia Zabary
Senior Data Scientist
David Lempert
Head of R&D
Ido Ariav
Deep Learning Lead