Automation pipelines,
built for data engineers

Build automation pipelines in a serverless environment to significantly reduce your data processing costs.

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Automation Pipelines


Create custom data automation pipelines using a no-code drag-and-drop interface or through a developer-friendly Python SDK to weave together human and machine workflows. Develop your ML pipelines or create human-in-the-loop data validation to scale production.


Reduce cost and time by applying a suite of automation, pre-labeling and active learning.

qa/qc pipelines

Ensure highest data quality by running auto- QA pipelines for ground truth validation.

pipelines templates

Ready-to-use automation pipelines for various use cases and verticals.

no-code builder

Customize data pipelines with a drag-and-drop interface.

human workflows

Weave human and machine into a single flow for data preparation and validation.

compute resources

Run your ML workloads on ready-to-use Serverless infrastructure.

Production pipelines capabilities

Custom Plugins

Build your own plugins with our Python SDK, including built-in triggers for running and auto-scaling functions. Bootstrap and manage plugins using our interactive CLI, including auto-completion of commands and parameters

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Annotation conversion
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Custom Pipelines

Assemble event-driven automation pipelines for running pre and post processing functions, integrate models into annotation workflows, deploy models in production and introduce a human-in-the-loop for data validation

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Serverless Data Applications

Build, operate and deploy automation pipelines at scale with our Kubernetes-powered environment. All compute infrastructure can be handled by us for unlimited auto-scaling

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Storage management

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An end-to-end cloud-based annotation platform, with embedded tools and automations for producing high-quality datasets more efficiently.

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Manage, collaborate, distribute and utilize your data operations, all integrated seamlessly and managed via single point of access.

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