Pre/Post Data Processing

Enhance your data at every step of the computer vision pipeline

Pre Post Data Processing

Data processing features

Data processing plugins allow you to perform automatic functions that refine your data in preparation for each step of the computer vision pipeline, with actions including:

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Image enhancement

Prepare images for annotation and training - clear up blurry or out of focus images, adjust bit depth and grayscale, discard empty or low-quality frames, detect motion in sequenced images and more

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Video editing

Prepare videos for annotation and training - split clips into scenes, chunks or individual frames, assign identifiers to selected video segments and tracked objects, extract and convert sections from files, etc.

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Sensor fusion

Get a fuller understanding of objects' position and surroundings by combining data from several sources and media types, including arrangement of items together in a sequence, panorama or a multi-layered display

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Perform functions on the data after it has been annotated - analyze data clusters to identify gaps in the dataset, select only high-variance data for further labeling, analyze output quality and more

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