LiDAR Data Annotation

High performance LiDAR point cloud annotation platform enabling faster and more accurate 3D cuboid and semantic segmentation data labeling


LiDAR Data Annotation for AI

LiDAR Data Labeling

Give structure to your data with Dataloop’s LiDAR annotations. Combine all your point cloud and 2-D data points into one file using our built-in pipeline automation and gain instant ground truth data validation for your LiDAR projects.

Speed up your LiDAR annotations with

Cuboid Annotations

Get a full picture of depth and space using the cuboid annotations to mass label multiple objects in 3D within the 3D point cloud and gain granular insights into your scenes

Sensor Fusion

See what your point cloud sees with our sensor fusion, combining the 3D LiDAR view and 2D camera views, giving you the ability to see your entire scene from all layers and views.

Topographic Depth View

Understand the depth of your scene and objects by controlling the coloring height of your view and gain insight into what your drones see. Get an instant view to depth and quickly see the layers in your annotation set.

Point Cloud Focus

Remove ground points and zoom into specific areas of interest and specific objects allowing you to remove “noise” and focus on the labels you need in your scene

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