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Why Dataloop?

Developing computer vision applications is an ongoing task. It begins with acquiring and preparing enough quality data, then running experiments and rapid iterations that demand heavy compute resources. Then, after models are deployed, they need to be constantly fed with accurate and representative data to keep and increase their confidence levels. The data collection, preparation and validation process never stops.

Using Dataloop’s Python SDK and custom plugins, your team can design, train and deploy comprehensive automation pipelines, all fully customized and supported by our Kubernetes infrastructure for flexibility and auto-scalability. To answer the demand for quality data, Dataloop offers human-in-the-loop functions for data validation, available at every step of the computer vision process. By continuously feeding your models with validated data, you enjoy maximum accuracy at minimal costs.

Dataloop solutions for deep learning teams Build and deploy powerful automation pipelines at scale with our plugins as building blocks

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Annotation platform


An end-to-end cloud-based annotation platform, with embedded tools and automations for producing high-quality datasets more efficiently.

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Manage, collaborate, distribute and utilize your data operations, all integrated seamlessly and managed via single point of access.

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Dataloop Design


Build custom automation pipelines within our serverless environment, to reach production faster and scale indefinitely.

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Yishaia Zabary
Senior Data Scientist
David Lempert
Head of R&D
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Deep Learning Lead

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