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Enriching AI capabilities in the drones and aerial imagery space

Visual data produced by drones, and remote sensing systems in general, is characterized by high complexity. It often involves input from multiple sensors, which need to be synchronized for interpretation; it may include faraway objects and substances, sometimes visible only via LiDAR or thermal displays; it might also require expert knowledge, both during data analysis and during on-site implementations.

To answer such demands, Dataloop’s platform integrates sensor fusion and data processing capabilities with automatic active learning, combined with expert human-in-the-loop workforce for data validation. This means you can use your models to pre-annotate and pre-process incoming data, then have expert annotators audit and fix the data output, instead of labeling from scratch – resulting in continuously improved model accuracy, while saving significant resources and time.

Dataloop's real-world applications for UAVs
Select use cases that Dataloop advances

Surveying Mapping Fleet Management
Land surveying & mapping
Industrial inspections
Industrial inspections
crop monitoring
crop monitoring
Security Emergency Response
Delivery Transportation
Delivery & transportation
Construction safety inspections
Construction & real estate

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Dataloop’s Use-cases

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