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Ensuring highest data standards that serve your entire data organization, allowing cross-functional collaboration while keeping your data access internal

Enterprise-grade computer vision platform

Why Dataloop?

Questions surrounding data privacy, security, and regulation are increasingly demanded of enterprises who use ML/AI in their workflows and product offerings. In addition, deploying advanced computer vision models requires immense compute power, which is painfully costly, hard to foresee and maintain.

To answer such demands, Dataloop combines advanced Kubernetes-powered infrastructure with military-grade encryption and authentication enforcement. These ensure that your data remains secure and private at all times, while allowing your team to train and deploy models with unlimited scalability, flexibility and controllability. 

Dataloop solutions for enterprise
weaving human and machine intelligence to accelerate computer vision processes, from development to production

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Powering vision AI across all industries


Supporting companies who develop vision AI for retail, including cashierless stores, shelf management, personalized product recommendations and more

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Drones & Aerial Imagery

Helping teams in remote sensing corporations turn complex aerial data into actionable insights, serving visual inspections, land surveying and mapping, safety monitoring, etc.

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Enabling robots to perform a growing scope of industrial and domestic applications, by supplying companies with tools to develop, train and deploy machine vision models

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Autonomous Vehicles

Pushing forward businesses in the autonomous vehicles and smart mobility industry, by offering comprehensive tools for object detection and tracking, sensor fusion, driving assistance, etc.

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Precision Agriculture

Advancing corporations who use vision AI for farming and raising livestock, helping them increase crop yield, quality and consistency with less waste

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Media & Content

Serving organizations who produce, moderate, analyze and distribute content, including sports analysis, product recommendations, unsafe content moderation and more

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Our end-to-end solution to power your Vision AI

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An end-to-end cloud-based annotation platform, with embedded tools and automations for producing high-quality datasets more efficiently.

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Manage, collaborate, distribute and utilize your data operations, all integrated seamlessly and managed via single point of access.

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Build custom automation pipelines within our serverless environment, to reach production faster and scale indefinitely.

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Yeshiaya Odysight
Yishaia Zabary
Senior Data Scientist
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David Lempert
Head of R&D
Ido ariav
Ido Ariav
Deep Learning Lead

Dataloop’s Use-cases