Powering machine vision applications in Robotics

Weaving human and machine intelligence to help deep learning teams reach production at scale

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Enriching AI capabilities in robotics

Computer vision serves an abundance of robotics applications – from manufacturing inspections to domestic services. Most of these, however, require application-specific customization, as targeted objects and surrounding environments vary by task. Model accuracy is also key, particularly in industrial settings, where microscopic defects and anomalies could result in costly malfunctions.

To answer such demands, Dataloop’s platform integrates automatic active learning with custom automation pipelines and plugins, combined with human-in-the-loop functions for data validation. This way, deployed models are continuously fed with representative and validated data that comes directly from your production environments, ensuring that your models produce outputs with maximum accuracy and are designed to answer the specific tasks at hand.

Dataloop's real-world applications in robotics
Select use cases that Dataloop advances

Crop harvesting robots
Crop harvesting
safty monitoring
safty monitoring
Supply chain management
Supply chain management
Microscopic defect detection
Microscopic defect detection
Manufacturing quality control
Manufacturing quality control
Component assembly
Component assembly

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Dataloop’s Use-cases

Enterprise-grade data engine

Ensuring highest data standards that serve your entire data organization, allowing cross-functional collaboration while keeping your data access internal

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High performance for large volumes of data, 99.9% uptime SLA, providing auto-scaling infrastructure that supports your ever-growing data operations

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Full encryption keeping your data constantly safe, compliant with military-grade security standards and certified by comprehensive system audits

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Custom authentication and role permission enforcement. Using advanced Kubernetes-powered infrastructure for on-premises or private storage deployments

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