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Build Data Pipelines

Using Dataloop's function-as-a-service (FaaS) environment, build data pipelines. In this video, we trigger a face detection model to automatically detect, annotate, and crop faces.

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Data Augmentation for Better Model Training

Use Dataloop functions to augment data and get 100s of new images instantly. With this function, you can ensure your data is diverse enough to properly train your models.

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Audio Classification for Your Data

Monitor sound sequences with audio classification to detect mechanical malfunctions. In this video, we demonstrate how you can help your AI models "listen" to automotive sounds in order to better detect and react to mechanical malfunctions using audio-based predictive analysis.

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Multi-Modality Annotation Feature

Annotate objects the human eye can't detect. Capture objects from multiple sensors and toggle between them as you label your data items. Watch how.

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Automatic Box-to-Polygon Annotation

In this video we'll demonstrate how to annotate objects with bounding boxes and convert them to polygon in seconds. Our cloud-based labeling platform includes embedded tools and automations to help you produce high-quality datasets more efficiently.

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Run Models to Auto-Annotate Images Using Dataloop SDK Integration

Auto-annotate images by integrating an existing model. Steps include importing your Dataloop SDK package, selecting the project, dataset and images you're working on, and running the model which will result in annotation predictions. Once you're set you can push the annotations and view the changes directly in your Dataloop platform.

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Automatic Video Tracking Annotation

Select the object you wish to track, provide it with an annotation label, turn on the video tracker and let the magic happen as it predicts future frames and automatically labels them for you.

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