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Gain Granular Data Insights

Explore your data visually using the built-in Dataloop metadata queries and filters. Gain insights into your datasets as you visualize your data searches. Watch how!

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Keypoint Annotation Converter

Annotate your items with a keypoint, activate the keypoint converter application and watch how your image transforms to either semantic segmentation or polygon. Reduce your manual labor, increase efficiency and improve your annotation productivity.

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Model Comparison with Dataloop AI

Compare model predictions, evaluate model confidence, and validate model results all in one place. Manage your models and keep track of your model history. Visualize and inspect your models, evaluate datasets and compare experiments all with a simple integration with the Dataloop platform.

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Cluster & Classify Millions of Images

Use Dataloop AI's Python SDK to cluster and classify millions of images In this video you can watch how volumes of data are clustered and then mass classified with our SDK. Add your own ML and redefine mass labeling…

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Data Labeling with Automation

If you have large amounts of data and need to improve your time to deliver labeled datasets, then this feature is for you: integrate your models (or use our built-in models) and watch as your data gets automatically labeled. It's that simple.

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Build Data Pipelines

Using Dataloop's function-as-a-service (FaaS) environment, build data pipelines. In this video, we trigger a face detection model to automatically detect, annotate, and crop faces.

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Data Augmentation for Better Model Training

Use Dataloop functions to augment data and get 100s of new images instantly. With this function, you can ensure your data is diverse enough to properly train your models.

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Run Models to Auto-Annotate Images Using Dataloop SDK Integration

Auto-annotate images by integrating an existing model. Steps include importing your Dataloop SDK package, selecting the project, dataset and images you're working on, and running the model which will result in annotation predictions. Once you're set you can push the annotations and view the changes directly in your Dataloop platform.

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